Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My Favourite London Bloggers from Somerset

Ok, Ok, this may seem like a bit of an odd post but before I started this blog, I was just another Somerset girl (without the accent) reading plenty of other blogs. Something that inspired me to start my own was seeing that other people had moved to my dream city and had some of the best (and biggest) blogs out there. Here is my little bit of appreciation for them. They are both

This was one of the first blogs I ever started following religiously. Carrie seems like such a lovely person and has the most enviable wardrobe full of pastels, kitten heels and jaunts to Paris. She's also from a town that's pretty near mine and that makes me oddly excited! She has a beautiful blog and has just become a full time blogger so I wish her the best of luck!

The Londoner
This has to be one of the most incredible blogs on the internet. Rosie seems to live a charmed life of travelling to extraordinary place, visiting exquisite restaurants and making the most delicious looking recipes I've ever seen! She dresses brilliantly and comes across as a lovely, down to earth girl who everyone can identify with (although she does seem to have a budget that is a little higher than most!).

I'm sure that most people will have heard of these blogs as they are just so darned popular but I thought I would just highlight two of my favourite Somerset gals. Also, if you are ever in Somerset, be sure to check out Kilver Court and the Mulberry Factory Store next door. Designer bargains galore!

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