Wednesday, 5 February 2014

DIY Inspiration: Rhinestone Tights

Gem Sparkle Tights Nude

Gem Sparkle Tights Black

Ok, so maybe these aren't the most practical tights in the world but for adding a bit of sparkle and, well, joy into your life, these tights are brilliant. These tights are from the White Pepper, a cool brand that I found through ASOS Marketplace. For me, £20 is just a little bit too much to pay for a pair of tights that I may not use that often but for a night out, why not make your own? Either use thread and sew on rhinestones to create your own pattern or if you are even lazier, buy some self-adhesive rhinestones and just stick them on. I think I am going to stick clear stones onto black tights, for something subtle but you can go as crazy as you like!

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